$560M Powerball Winner Refuses to Claim Prize, Sues Lottery Instead

The woman who won the $560M Powerball jackpot in January is refusing to pick up her winnings and instead is suing the lottery. According to the court documents, the woman from New Hampshire says she will not pick up her winnings unless the lottery can guarantee that they will not release her name or any information regarding who she is.

However, New Hampshire lottery Executive Director Charlie McIntyre says their hands are tied when it comes to this matter.

“While we respect this player’s desire to remain anonymous, state statutes and lottery rules clearly dictate protocols,” the director said in a statement.

New Hampshire is one of several states that allows winners to remain anonymous by allowing them to transfer the money into an anonymous trust, however, officials say the problem here is that the woman has already signed her name on the ticket and due to procedure, cannot alter her signature without voiding the ticket.

An attorney for the woman stated that woman, who is extremely involved in her local community is concerned that the release of her name will make even just walking to the store a liability.

There are several cases in which lottery winners who have been identified have been targeted by burglars and crooks, some times even losing their lives.

Georgia lottery winner Doris Murray was found stabbed to death in her home a year after winning $5 million in 2007.  Florida lottery winner Abraham Shakespeare was found buried in a makeshift grave after winning $30 million in 2009.

Deborah McDonald was run over and killed while leaving a bar after winning  $5,520 in an Ohio tv lottery.

Now the woman is left deciding between forfeiting the winnings or being publicly identified.

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