7-Year-Old Latest Victim of the Flu

A 7-year-old Virgina boy has died after being diagnosed with the flu and strep throat.

According to a report by NBC12, the child, Kevin Baynes Jr. went to school on Friday but was sent home after he threw and then fell asleep in the classroom.

Baynes Jr. was then rushed to the hospital Saturday morning after his parents noticed his symptoms were getting worse.

“They said he had the flu and strep throat. They sent him home with amoxycilin and zofran,” Baynes told NBC12.

Less than 24-hours after being sent home, Baynes Jr’s sister went to check on her brother at which point she found him cold and lifeless. The family attempted to do CPR on Baynes Jr and also took him to the hospital where they tried to revive him, however, it was too late.

The family is now working to stay strong after the shock of losing their 7-year-old. They have also set up a gofundme page to help cover the cost his funeral.

Baynes Jr. is survived by three siblings, his mother, and his father.



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