Armed-Veteran Facing Eviction Over Service Dogs Shot Dead by S.Fla Police

Monday afternoon an 84-year-old man was shot dead by police over a residential dispute.

Raymond Bishop died at the Hidden Grove apartments near Homestead.

Miami-Dade Police reportedly rushed to the home after receiving a call about an armed man threatening to kill himself.

According to Miami-Dade Police, Bishop stood in the doorway of his home with a loaded gun pointed at officers.

Authorities said they pleaded with the veteran even commending his military background in efforts to get him to surrender peacefully but at least four officers opened fire on the 84-year-old and as a result killed him.

Bishop, who served in the Korean War, was facing eviction from the complex due to his service dogs Roxy and Ranger.

Jonathan Rodriguez, a neighbor of Bishop who often fed Bishop and took him to the veterans hospital for medical treatment told the Miami Herald, the apartment complex was “throwing him out and that he had nowhere to go.”

According to the lawsuit, Bishop was “harboring unauthorized pet dogs,” allowing them out without a leash.

The suit also referenced an alleged incident where one of the service dogs attacked and injured another resident.

Bishop who was disabled and used a walker was being treated for “mood disorder” while fighting his eviction from the apartment complex, which went to court in July 2017.

A psychiatrist at the Miami Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Dr. Ernesto Grenier wrote in a letter filed in the court record saying the dogs had a “tremendously favorable influence” on Bishop.

Adding,  “Mr. Bishop’s pets, in this case, has provided invaluable emotional therapeutic benefit.”

The case was still ongoing at the time of Bishop’s death.

Christopher Brochyus, of Legal Services of Greater Miami, which represents low-income clients told the Miami Herald he was shocked by what had happened and that Bishop was “a really nice guy to talk to who loved his animals.”

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