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They Lit a Huge Bonfire at Tyler Hubbard's Bachelor Party

Apr 16, 2015 -- 4:54am

 BRIAN KELLEY of FLORIDA GEORGIA LINE was not exaggerating when he said TYLER HUBBARD's bachelor party would have dirt bikes, whiskey, cigars, and a lot of fires.  If anything, he was way underselling it.

It went down last weekend in Nashville, and Tyler posted a picture on his Instagram of all the guys standing around a huge bonfire.  He also included an exhausting rundown of the action.

He wrote, "Bachelor weekend = dirt bikes, pool, darts, mud, guns, smoke, fire, fish, ranger, Teryx, Sneakey, dogs, golf, chickens, trikes, RC cars, whiskey, tequila, chefs, barbor, omelets, Zaxby's, s'mores, music, basketball, bunks, wrecks, bruises, paintball, prayers, and . . . beer."

("Teryx" is a small off-road vehicle, "Zaxby's" is a restaurant chain, RC cars are radio-controlled toy cars.  Pretty sure Sneakey is an online fantasy game, although that's spelled "Sneaky".  Don't know what "Barbor" is.  Do you?)

CMT caught up with them at the Grand Ole Opry on Tuesday.  Brian said the paintball was "intense" and that it was "a hell of a day."  Tyler wouldn't give up the wedding date, but confirmed it'll be this summer.  He added, quote, "It's coming up soon."

Will Garth Brooks Be Lip-Synching at the ACMs?

Apr 15, 2015 -- 4:49am

 Most artists try to hide it when they lip-sync, but GARTH BROOKS is already admitting there's a good chance he'll be doing it at Sunday's ACMs. 

He's wrapping up a five-concert series tomorrow in Portland, Oregon, and he's pretty sure his voice will be shot by then.  So he already has a contingency plan for Sunday. 

He says, quote, "Just in case we have to lip-sync, we taped a performance that was solely made for the awards show.  So we don't know if we're lip-synching or not, but my bet is, if I know Portland, we're not going to get out of here with anything.

"And then you've got to fly down and do that show immediately.  So we'll see how that's going to go."

(You may remember last year when GARY LEVOX of RASCAL FLATTS lip-synched at the ACMs and kind of hoped no one would notice.  People did, so he had to issue a statement saying he'd lost his voice.) 

(I bet Garth's people remembered and told him to get in front of it, just in case.)


Apr 14, 2015 -- 4:51am

Who wants to see a horse line dancing to "Achy Breaky Heart"BILLY RAY CYRUS does.  He loved it so much he posted it on his Facebook page and captioned it, "Best thing ever!"







Jason Aldean Got Hit in the Head with a Cup of Beer During His Show

Apr 13, 2015 -- 4:48am

 Here we go again:  Some misguided fool hit JASON ALDEAN in the head with a cup of beer at his show last Thursday in Wichita, Kansas.  He wasn't injured, but he was shaken up . . . and furious.

He stopped singing, glared at the guy, and shook his head "no."  Then he pointed him out to the security guards who escorted him out of the building.  Jason went back to playing but was a little dazed.

During a break he told the audience, quote, "It took everything I had not to go kick that guy's teeth in."  Because he's a pro, he finished the entire show.  He didn't press charges, but maybe he would've if he knew this.

The guy's lame ass reason for tossing the beer is that his buddy just got engaged and he wanted Jason to say something about it from the stage . . . so he whipped the beer hoping to get his attention.  (???)  (Wichita Eagle)

(Can we please put a stop to this nonsense?  Never, ever throw anything at the stage during a concert.  You're going to get tossed out, and maybe arrested . . . but even worse, someone could get seriously hurt.)

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