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Here's your COUNTRY gift guide!

Nov 25, 2014 -- 4:47am

The Boot released their 2014 Holiday Gift Guide.  There's nothing to write home about, unless you're wildly excited by a Faith Hill fragrance.  Other items include Eric Church shot glasses, a Dierks Bentley beach towel, and a Blake Shelton custom cooler


Click on this link for the complete story:


Keith Urban Starting Playing in Bars When He Was 15

Nov 24, 2014 -- 5:20am

If you want to play guitar as well as KEITH URBAN, it's probably too late.  Unless you've been at it since Kindergarten, which is when he picked it up.  He talked about it in an interview airing on next month's "CMT Artists of the Year".

He said, quote, "I started playing when I was six, and my mom and dad were incredibly supportive of me and drove me to talent [contests] that I was entering when I was nine, 10 and 11.

"I left school at 15 and was playing five nights a week in a band, and my mom and dad supported that, too.  I was very fortunate to have parents that really believed in what I was doing.  They could see I was going to do it forever."

Keith's serious about the "forever" part.  Asked what he'd be doing if he'd never made it big, he said, quote, "I'd be playing some club somewhere tonight."

The 11 Most Popular Things to Do on Thanksgiving

Nov 21, 2014 -- 4:31am

 An incredibly obvious new survey looked at the 11 most popular things to do on Thanksgiving.  Why 11 and not a top 10?  You'll see why once we get there . . .

1.  Visit family, 89%.

2.  Go shopping, 68%.

3.  Watch football, 67%.

4.  Eat a special dinner, 66%.

5.  Take a nap, 64%.

6.  Watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade, 54%.

7.  Eat a special lunch, 52%.

8.  Decorate for Christmas, 45%.

9.  Spend time outdoors, 37%.

10.  Eat a special breakfast, 25%.

11.  And in last place by a large margin . . . volunteer, 4%.

Justin Moore Won't Post Pics of His Daughters Because of "Nut Jobs"

Nov 20, 2014 -- 4:55am

 JUSTIN MOORE is very protective of his wife and three daughters.  That's one of the reasons he moved them from Nashville to his hometown of Poyen, Arkansas. 

He also has no interest in posting photos of them on Twitter because he doesn't want people to know who they are.

He says, quote, "Let's be honest, there's a lot [of] nut jobs out there, who, you just never know.  And if I ever, because of a decision I make to have a picture of them out there or something that causes them harm, I wouldn't be able to live with myself."

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