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Karen Fairchild Says People Have the Wrong Idea About "Girl Crush"

Mar 27, 2015 -- 4:43am

 You may have heard the controversy around LITTLE BIG TOWN'S song "Girl Crush".  Some people are upset because they think it's about a girl crushing on another girl.

It's not, so KAREN FAIRCHILD decided to clear things up.  She said, quote, "The lyric of 'Girl Crush' is written in a kind of sexy way, so some people might want to turn it off when they get to the 'I wanna taste your lips', and all that. 

"But once they get to the hook then they go, 'Oh, it turns.'  It's about a girl saying 'Why do you love her and not me?'  And that's what makes it.  You gotta lean in a little bit."  (Listen to Karen's "Girl Crush" quotes at DeliciousAudio.com.)

One more thing:  The "Washington Post" asked Karen for her take on the controversy surrounding the song.  She's surprised, and disappointed.  She said, quote, "That's just shocking to me, the close-mindedness of that, when that's just not what the song was about . . . but what if it were?  (You can check out the lyrics here.)

Jason Aldean Cried When He Saw Brittany Kerr Walk Down the Aisle

Mar 26, 2015 -- 4:53am

"Us Weekly" has the first official photo from JASON ALDEAN and BRITTANY KERR's wedding on Saturday.  It's actually a family photo of them with their arms around Jason's daughters, 12-year-old Keeley, and 7-year-old Kendyl.

The ceremony took place on the beach in Playa del Carmen, Mexico . . . which is why Brittany was barefoot when she walked down the "aisle" to the JOHN LEGEND song "All of Me"

Jason admitted he cried when he saw her.  He said, quote, "She looked beautiful.  I was so excited to see her."  There was one wonderful redneck touch.  The ceremony was officiated by WILLIE ROBERTSON from "Duck Dynasty".

And for those of you who care about such things, Brittany's gown was designed by Pnina Tornai.  (It's pronounced Pa-NEENA tore-NAY.)  You may know her from "Say Yes to the Dress".

Jason opened up his checkbook for the reception, which included gourmet meals, sentimental gifts, and "one serious party".

Tyler Hubbard's Bachelor Party will Have Dirt Bikes, Whiskey, Cigars, and a Lot of Fires

Mar 25, 2015 -- 4:51am

 TYLER HUBBARD of FLORIDA GEORGIA LINE will be marrying his fiancée Hayley Stommel sometime this summer.  And thanks to his bandmate BRIAN KELLEY, every detail is being meticulously planned.

He tells "ET", quote, "I've actually deemed myself the wedding planner, the best man, kinda everything.  I'm running the ship here for the wedding."  Sure he is.

Truth is, Brian's real job is to make sure there's a kickass bachelor party, and he does have plans for that.  He says, quote, "We're gonna kick it at Tyler's farm. 

"We're gonna have all the groomsmen up . . . and I think the recipe for that would be dirt bikes, some whiskey, cigars, and probably a lot of fires, man.  It's gonna be a good time."  The "lot of fires" is a reference to their song "Sippin' on Fire".



Luke Bryan Took Batting Practice with the Chicago White Sox

Mar 24, 2015 -- 4:55am

 LUKE BRYAN took batting practice yesterday with the Chicago White Sox during spring training in Arizona.  A Chicago sportswriter posted a video on Twitter.

Turns out Luke has a decent swing.  He took five cuts:  He pounded three into the dirt, whiffed on one . . . and squared-up to hit one solid line drive.  They probably eased up on him, but even so, it's Major League pitching so I'm giving him props. 

Luke and White Sox first baseman ADAM LAROCHE are "Buck Commander" partners, so that's probably the connection.




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