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Country Quiz!! Who Said This?

Apr 16, 2014 -- 5:45am

"As far as being afraid of anything, I do have three things . . . snakes, sharks and commitment."


A.  Brantley Gilbert


B.  Eric Church


C.  Hunter Hayes


D.  Kenny Chesney


E.  Scotty McCreery


F.  Josh Thompson


Answer: Brantley Gilbert.  Here's the audio.


Don't Worry About The Whole Lip Syncing Thing Rascal Flatts, Dick Clark's Son Has Your Back. Sorta

Apr 15, 2014 -- 5:31am

You may recall that a case of laryngitis forced GARY LEVOX to lip-synch when RASCAL FLATTS performed at the ACMs.  Well, an ACM producer named R. A. CLARK is defending him. 


He says quote, "Plenty of people have lip-synched on our show.  There are a lot of activities in Las Vegas with concerts, private shows, radio remotes . . . there is a lot of talking."


"Not to mention the lack of humidity and hotel air.  Some artists can only handle so much."  Which kind of sounds like a back-handed compliment.


And R. A. Clark would know . . . he's produced eight ACMs, although not this year's edition.  And he's the son of DICK CLARK, who made the ACMs what they are today.

This Is Why You Don't Tweet Terrorism Jokes At The Airlines

Apr 14, 2014 -- 5:29am

Gawker - Social media sure is a great way for kids to make their IDIOTIC mistakes in public, huh?


For some reason, a 14-year-old girl named Sarah decided to send American Airlines a tweet yesterday that read, quote, "My name's Ibrahim and I'm from Afghanistan.  I'm part of Al Qaida and on June 1st I'm gonna do something really big.  Bye."


But American Airlines responded, quote, "Sarah, we take these threats very seriously.  Your IP address and details will be forwarded to security and the FBI."


At that point, Sarah started FREAKING OUT.  She swore it was a dumb joke, and that she's not a terrorist, and she was sorry.  She tried to blame it on a friend, begged American Airlines for forgiveness, and told them her parents would kill her.


But after the story blew up, Sarah changed her tune and tweeted, quote, "Wow!  Because of this I gained 1,000 followers."  Then she tweeted, quote, "Okay, today was the highlight of my Twitter days."


There's no word if the FBI has followed up. 


Friday Movie Previews

Apr 11, 2014 -- 10:48am

First up is Draft Day. Kevin Costner is the Cleveland Browns general manager, who makes a risky trade for the #1 draft pick in an attempt to rebuild his team.  Jennifer Garner is his salary cap manager, Denis Leary is the Browns' coach, andFrank Langella is the team owner.


It's directed by "Ghostbusters" director Ivan Reitman.  Some of the real NFL players featured in the movie include Texans running back Arian Foster, Jets receiver Steven Hill, Bills receiver Ramses Barden, and the Bengals' new punter Zoltan Mesko


Chadwick Boseman from "42" also plays a linebacker with untapped potential . . . Diddy is the agent for the #1 draft pick . . . Terry Crews is a former Brown whose son is in the draft . . . and legendary Browns running back Jim Brown has a cameo as himself.


One guy you probably WON'T recognize at first is "Smallville's" Tom Welling, who's sporting a manlier new look of stubble and extremely short cropped hair.  That's him as the team's star quarterback asking to be traded at the 1:20 mark in the trailer.


Anne Hathaway and Jesse Eisenberg are back as the rare, exotic blue birds, Jewel and Blu.  When they go into the Amazon jungle to track down more of their species, they're followed by the evil cockatoo from the first movie.


Bruno Mars plays Jewel's childhood friend, Andy Garcia is Blu's new father-in-law, and their daughters are played by emotional "X Factor" loser Rachel Crow . . . and the chick who played Rue in "The Hunger Games".


The rest of the voice cast includes George LopezWill.I.AmJamie FoxxTracy MorganKristin Chenoweth, and Jemaine Clement from "Flight of the Conchords".   Janelle Monae also has a small part and performs the song "What Is Love".




A supernatural horror flick about a brother and sister trying to destroy an evil mirror . . . after first proving that it was responsible for their parents' deaths when they were kids.


It stars "Doctor Who" minx Karen Gillan, who's one of the villains in "Guardians of the Galaxy", and Brenton Thwaites, who plays Prince Phillip in "Maleficent".  Their parents are "Battlestar Galactica's" Katee Sackhoff and"CSI: Miami's" Rory Cochrane.



Man Invents 30 Second Phone Charger

Apr 10, 2014 -- 6:07am

Business Insider - Israeli startup StoreDot has built a prototype of a charger that boosts your phone’s battery from dead to fully-charged in 30 seconds. It demoed the product at a Microsoft conference in Tel Aviv, according to Mashable. Right now the charger is large and clunky, but the technology — which uses something called nanodots to quickly charge the device — looks extremely useful if it works as advertised. The soonest it would be available for purchase is 2016, The Wall Street Journal says.



Okay, seriously?! SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!! I don't think there is a bigger day killer than getting that battery warning on your phone? We can send people to space but can't make an iPhone battery that lasts more that 6 hours.

Behold.....The Alphabet Burger

Apr 09, 2014 -- 6:50am

Shortlist - I love this hamburger because it's ridiculously indulgent and totally American . . . and also surprisingly NERDY.


A guy named Nick Chipman from the website DudeFoods.com just put together the "Alphabet Burger."  It's a hamburger with 26 toppings, one for every letter of the alphabet.  Here's what he went with . . .


Avocado, bacon, cheese, Doritos, egg, fish sticks, garlic bread, ham, Italian sausage, jalapeno peppers, a Krispy Kreme donut, lettuce, mac and cheese, noodles, onion rings, pepperoni, queso dip, ramen, spinach, turkey burger, Usinger's bratwurst, veal parmesan, waffle, xylocarp, yams, and zucchini.


"Xylocarp" is a fancy name for coconut.  The other stretch is Usinger's bratwurst for "U" . . . Usinger's is a brand of sausages out of Milwaukee.


From the picture, it doesn't look quite as gross as you might guess.  There's no word how it tasted. 


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