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In L.A. Miranda Lambert Is Not The Fastest Girl In Town

Nov 28, 2012 -- 2:39pm
In the music video for Miranda Lambert's "Fastest Girl In Town," Miranda and Danica Patrick play a couple of sexy car thieves who jack a guy's '69 Camero from a pool hall parking lot--in broad daylight--and go speeding off down a back country road with the owner of the classic muscle car in hot pursuit in his buddy's pick-up. (Watch the exciting video below to see how it turns out for the modern day Thelma and Louise).
Of course it's all make-believe. And while in real life Danica actually makes a living driving stock cars at a high rate of speed, MIranda is considerably more, shall we say, apprehensive behind the wheel. Especially since she's temporarily relocated to Los Angeles to be with her husband, Blake Shelton, while he works on season 3 of The Voice.
In fact, during a recent interview with Country Countdown USA, the 2012 CMA Female Vocalist of the Year recently admitted, "I finally started driving in L.A., which took me a while because I was scared. I didn't want to be like a crazy girl who stays in a mansion and never leaves, so I rented myself a Kia, and I wrecked it twice in the driveway (of their rented Hollywood Hills home). It's got a long narrow driveway, and I looked to make sure I didn't hit anything and instead hit the other side. I'm not a good driver to begin with -- I usually drive a big old truck, and I'm instead trying to scoot around in this roller skate. I'm constantly getting honked at. I'm like, 'People! I'm from Texas! Give me a break, I don't know what I'm doing.'"
Fortunately, when it comes to cranking out Country hits, she knows exactly what she's doing. 
 Source: The Boot

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