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From The High Seas, To A Hospital Bed. Jana Kramer's Wild Birthday Weekend

Dec 03, 2012 -- 6:25am


It all started Saturday morning, when Jana Kramer and boyfriend Brantley Gilbert went offshore fishing. She tweeted a picture of her and a baby shark they had caught as well as a picture of a nice little sailfish.




And then on Saturday, she got hit with a nasty flu virus and couldn't finish her show opening for ALAN JACKSON.  Brantley Gilbert was there too . . . and he actually carried her off the stage and, I presume, all the way to the hospital.


Because Jana then started Tweeting photos of her hospital room.  In one she's hooked up to an I.V. and holding Brantley's hand.  


In another pic, Brantley and Jana's manager are trying to blow up surgical gloves . . . and the final one is Brantley wearing a hospital gown.  Here are the hospital room photos.


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