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Tim McGraw Works Out Like A Madman, So He Can Stay In "Tour Shape"

Jan 29, 2014 -- 5:42am

We've heard a lot about HOW Tim McGraw stays in shape, with CrossFit training and tractor tire workouts . . . but he hasn't said much about WHY he's so devoted.


One reason is that he enjoys performing MORE when he's in shape.   He says, quote, "I don't ever wanna go out on stage when I can't enjoy it.  "Being fit is something that helps me enjoy it, and makes me add more to my show and more energy to the show.  And I love doin' what I do, I wanna do it for a lot longer and I wanna be able to go out on stage."


There is one more reason he works out EXTRA hard . . . and it's pretty obvious to anyone over 30.  He says, quote, "The older you get, the harder it is to stay in shape."   Tim may look amazing, but he's only four years shy of turning 50.


And here's the bad news for anyone hoping for a lazy way to look like Tim.  He rarely misses a day of working out.  He says, quote, "I just try to keep on it every day.  Try to take one day off every now and then."


Okay, I remember when Tim McGraw came to town last year with Love and Theft, Steven did the Tim McGraw workout before the show. By the time Steven made his way to the broadcast table for our interview, he was a puddle. Maybe after doing it for a while, you could get used to something that intense, but at first, no thanks guys.

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