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James Van Der Beek Let Justin Timberlake Use His ID in Vegas

Mar 28, 2014 -- 10:39am

He didn't want to wait! Dawson's Creek heartthrob James Van Der Beek once tried to sneak Justin Timberlake and other then-underage members of 'N Sync into a Las Vegas club, he revealed Wednesday, March 26, in a new interview.

"I was in Vegas one New Year's and somebody came by and said, ''N Sync wants to meet you!'" Van Der Beek told HuffPost Live. "And at the time, 'N Sync was the second to Backstreet Boys, it was before they had blown up. They had just come out with some Christmas album, like at the same time 98 Degrees did," the 37-year-old actor said, laughing, and referring to the boy group's 1998 record, Home for Christmas.

"So, I said, 'okay.' And I met them and they were so sweet, they were so nice. They were such cool kids and I immediately liked them," Van Der Beek continued.
"I remember that night, we were all going to some club and they were all too young. And so I went in and somehow passed my ID back so that Justin could get in," he explained. "And then Justin got in and then tried to pass it off to [Lance Bass] to get in. By the third time [the bouncers] saw a James Van Der Beek ID, they were like, 'Ah, I don't think so, James.'"

The '90s star, who was catapulted into the spotlight alongside his Dawson's Creek costars Katie Holmes, Joshua Jackson, and Michelle Williams, also opened up about an awkward run-in with Entourage star Adrian Grenier during the same era. At the time, the two were auditioning for the lead role of Dawson Leery, "and they sat us next to each other on the plane," the actor recalled. Ultimately, Van Der Beek nabbed the role on the show, which ran from 1998 to 2003.




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