Country Stars Share Their Holiday Traditions, And The Start Of New Ones Too

With big families and big feasts (and maybe a big fight or two), country stars celebrate the holidays just like we do, well… maybe some a little different.

Luke Bryan and his family celebrate Christmas Eve like baseball fans, while Kelsea Ballerini and her family spend the night dressed in funky PJs, (we’ll see how her hubby Morgan Evens “fits” into the tradition), and Chris Young is a little excessive when it comes to  gift giving, but Carrie Underwood is starting a new one.

Carrie posted a photo of her son Isaiah helping her start a new holiday tradition.

Quote, “Made Christmas cookies with the little man.  I don’t think I’ve ever made [them] before but this will definitely be a new tradition in the Fisher household.  Newsflash:  He likes frosting.  Shocker!”




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