Former Employee Throws Scalding Hot Water into Bosses Face

A Broward County woman is now facing several charges after she allegedly threw scalding hot water into her supervisor’s face after believing the supervisor was trying to get her fired.

The incident occurred Friday at the 595 Truck Stop on 2705 Burris Rd. in Davie, Fla.

According to the report, 33-year-old Jondre Thomas was called into a meeting with the President and CEO of the company, who came to suspect that Thomas had been stealing money from the company. Thomas then reportedly left the meeting believing she was going to be fired.  On her way out, Thomas ran into her supervisor of five months Claudio Salcedo and began accusing him of trying to get her fired.  That’s when police say Thomas threw the hot water into Salcedo’s face.

“You clearly see her throwing this cup of hot water right in his face,” Davie Police Sgt. Mark Leone said after water a surveillance tape of the incident.

Salcedo then ran after Thomas and a physical altercation between the two followed. Fellow employees worked to break up the fight and that’s when Thomas fled the scene.

Authorities later found Thomas at her home where they arrested her on one count of aggravated battery. They are also looking into the allegations of theft.

Salcedo was said to have suffered second-degree burns to his face and now has an eye injury due to the incident.


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