A Hero Inside The Chaos – Coach Aaron Feis

A coach’s bond with kids is a special kind of bond.  Teachers have bonds with their students, but there is just something different about how kids and coaches respect each other. 

High School Assistant Football Coach Aaron Feis risked his life, and lost it, saving the students he loved and respected in the mass shooting at Majory Stoneman Douglas High School on February 14th.

Coach Feis was an alumni of Douglas, graduating in 1999 and returned to the school in 2002 to be an assistant coach.
A student named Colton interviewed earlier this morning on CNN said he had just been talking to Coach Feis that morning for about 20 minutes about life and school in general.  Colton said Feis was just that kind of guy.  Described as selfless, a hardworker, worked on weekends at the school, mowed lawns.  Always thinking of others before himself.
His greatest act of selflessness was his last.  Coach Feis threw himself in the line of fire, using his body as a shield to save students before thinking of saving himself.

A student from Douglas High School called in to 103.1 WIRK to talk to Chelsea and Sammy this morning and said they felt helpless and had no way to defend themselves.  Here is that call.

Another student interviewed, Zachary Walls, said he will feel comfortable coming back to school when it opens next week BECAUSE of people like Coach Fies who work at the school.

Ideas without action, are just ideas.  Changes need to be made.



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