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It’s the 8th Annual Holiday Home Invasion.

Dear WIRK,

I would like to nominate a family for this year’s Holiday Home Invasion. It is truly heartbreaking that I am even having to nominate this family because one year ago today all was right and this family was in a wonderful place. It is so tragic to see how that can so easily change. My best friends father began having back pain late last year. As you can imagine he just assumed it was a typical pain that came with age although he was only 58 years old. After persistent pain he went to the doctor only to leave that day diagnosed with bone and blood cancer that had already spread to his vital organs. It happened so fast and literally was just 7 months ago. He had a major spinal surgery in June to try and slow down the damage to his spine from the cancer as well as undergone radiation and chemotherapy. He was given a total of 12 months so as you can see that time is quickly running out. He is the head of their household and their primary provider. As you can imagine the family has been strained emotionally and financially since his terminal diagnosis. They have such a wonderful outlook and despite the harsh reality that this will be their last Christmas they do the best they can to fill their hearts with hope and love especially for their 9 grandchildren ages 10 months to 10 years. Obviously at those ages Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year and the family is doing the best they can to keep the spirit alive for them. They would never ask for a handout but like I said the financial strain has taken its toll on this family as they have never given up hope and fighting his battle together as one unit. Of course I could tell you they need a couch because he has had to sleep on theirs for the last 7 months, or their washer and dryer is in bad condition, or even just money for groceries. But honestly I think they just need to feel the love to have closure that his last Christmas with their entire family was the most special of all. Please consider creating this special memory for a family that would never ask for anything and has been the strongest unit in a time of impending loss and despair. Thank you so much your Loyal Listener.

I wanted to update you that the father did pass away on the 14th of December. If it would at all still be possible for this family to be considered for the Holiday Home Invasion I feel they could use it more than ever now as obviously the loss of their father, grandfather, and nucleus of the family has left them heartbroken. As you can imagine the Holidays are now going to be not as joyous or whole especially for the grandchildren that will arrive Christmas Day at their grandparents like most children but this time their Pop Pop isn’t there. Thank you again for your consideration and God bless.

Help donate any toys or items for the family, see list below.


Household Needs:

  • 40 inch Stove
  • Washer & Dryer
  • Carpeting
  • Sofa
  • New Front Door & Windows
  • Grocery Gift Cards

Gifts for Children

  • Boy, Age 10:  Hunting, fishing, and the outdoors.
  • Boy, Age 8:  Reading, arts & crafts, Pokémon, and coloring.
  • Boy, Age 6:  Pokémon, ninja gear, and swords.
  • Boy, Age 4 :  Legos, ninja turtles, trucks, and coloring.
  • Boy, Age 3 :  Paw patrol, minions, duplos, and  building blocks.
  • Boy, Age 10 months : Anything for a 12 months old for learning and baby play.

Donations are accepted now until Wednesday, please drop off at the WIRK Studio.

701 Northpoint Parkway Suite 500, West Palm Beach, FL 33407.

Open Monday-Friday 8:30am – 5:30pm 



Watch below last years Holiday Home Invasion video.

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