Nursing Homes Now Required to have Backup Generators

As of July 1st, nursing homes will now be required to have backup generators and fuel for those generators that will be able to run the facility for at least 72- hours. The ratification to previous measures set in place by Gov. Rick Scott’s administration were unanimously approved passed Monday by first the House and senate.

Despite both the House and senate both approving the measure, they different on some of it’s elements such as giving the same protections to those in assisted living facilities.

“Our position has not changed — assisted living facilities to need to be included,” Lauren Schenone, a spokeswoman for the governor told CBS12, “we are continuing to work with the Florida Legislature to make sure this gets done.”

According to the state, the rule will increase costs by more than $121 million in the next five years, however, ratification to the initial measures, states that the generators do not have to be installed, which opens the possibility of portable units and could possibly save long-term care facilities some money.

The measure was instituted after over a dozen people died in a long term care facility in Broward County after Hurricane Irma knocked out power for several days.

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