Report: Deputy FBI Director Steps Down

Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe is reportedly stepping down.

McCabe was acting director after President Trump fired FBI chief James Comey last year.

NBC News reports McCabe will step down immediately but will remain on the FBI payroll until mid-March when he can retire with full benefits.

Trump and some Republicans in Congress have accused McCabe of political bias, citing his role at the FBI during investigations related to both Hillary Clinton and President Donald Trump.

They question his role in the Clinton email probe and the investigation into Russian efforts to influence the 2016 election and whether the Trump campaign coordinated with the Kremlin.

A report said FBI Director Chris Wray reportedly threatened to resign recently after being pushed by Attorney General Jeff Sessions to fire McCabe.

The White House has disputed that story.

After McCabe became acting director, President Trump reportedly asked him to reveal who he voted for the 2016 presidential election. McCabe is reported to have responded that he did not vote.

Trump did not answer when asked by reporters Monday afternoon if he knew about McCabe’s move.

In December, Trump tweeted that McCabe was “racing the clock to retire with full benefits.”

The current FBI Director Christopher A. Wray assumed the role on August 2, 2017 after being confirmed by the U.S. Senate, taking over from acting Director Andrew McCabe after the dismissal of former Director James Comey by President Trump.

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