Someone Dropped A Bunch Of $100 Dollar Bills In A Salvation Army Bucket

Us currency $100 both from front and back like real falling on white background

This guy/girl was feeling SUPER giving this Holiday season!

On Wednesday, volunteers checked a red kettle that was set up outside a grocery store in Portland, Oregon. And there was a $100 bill on top. Then they realized it wasn’t the ONLY $100 bill in there.

It turned out someone had walked by and tossed a HUNDRED $100 bills in the bucket.  If you’re not great at math, that’s TEN THOUSAND BUCKS.

The largest in the U.S. was probably two years ago, when someone dropped a check for HALF-A-MILLION dollars into a Salvation Army kettle in Minnesota.

The Salvation Army gets almost 40% of its annual donations from those red buckets they set up outside grocery stores during the holidays. So all the bell-ringing can be annoying, but it’s worth it.




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