Trump wants to see permanent U.S. president

President Donald Trump is again making news for some comments he made during his brief stay in South Florida this weekend.

While at a luncheon for Republican donors at Mar-A-Lago, the President remarked that Xi Jinping being able to hold the position of China’s president for life is a step that Trump hopes America will someday follow.

According to the Associated Press and CNN, the President said, “He’s now president for life. President for life. And he’s great. I think it’s great. Maybe we’ll give that a shot someday.”

The comments reportedly came after China’s Communist party voted last week to change their constitution to allow Jinping to stay in power beyond the standard two-term limit.

U.S. presidents initially served a maximum of two four-year terms by tradition, until Franklin Roosevelt was elected four times in a row beginning in 1932. A 1951 amendment to the U.S. Constitution now limits presidents to two terms in the Oval Office. A change to that law would need the vote of two-thirds of both houses in Congress, or the support of two-thirds of state legislatures. It would then need to be ratified by three-quarters of the 50 states.

During the gathering, Trump also called out his former Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton, and reiterated his opinions that the U.S. political system is rigged and that the invasion of Iraq was “the single worst decision ever made,” although he added that he considers former President George W. Bush to be “another real genius.”

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