Weekend Box Office: Black Panther Dominates With Almost $200M

Black Panther is off to a great start, beating three records opening weekend.

Black Panther made $192M over the weekend and could reach up to $218M-$220M by the end of the day, being that it’s still the weekend thanks to Presidents Day.

It’s broken the record for biggest February opening . . . formerly held by “Deadpool” with $152 million.

It’s the biggest pre-summer opening weekend ever, beating “Beauty and the Beast’s” $175 million.

And it’s also the biggest opening for a superhero movie with only one hero, previously went to “Iron Man 3” with $174 million.

Here are the current Top 3 Movies

1. “Black Panther”, $192 million.
2. “Peter Rabbit”, $17.3 million. Up to $48.2 million in its 2nd week.
3. “Fifty Shades Freed”, $16.9 million. Up to $76.1 million in its 2nd week.



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