8-Year-Old Collects Christmas Gifts For Kids In Puerto Rico

Closeup photo of glowing magic Christmas gift boxes

8 year old Jayden Perez of Woodland Park, New Jersey gained the internet’s attention after his parents surprised him with tickets to a Giants game and posted the video of his emotional reaction, now he’s using his new found fame to give back to the kids in Puerto Rico devastated by hurricane Maria. 

With help from his parents Jayden posted another video asking people to donate toys for the kids in Puerto Rico like he did to ensure they have a Christmas, so he set up a collection out front to his home, and the response was WAY bigger than they imagined.

Thousands of toys have already been donated from his community and people who’ve seen his video online.

You can join in too by donating money on their GoFundMe page called Christmas Toys for Kids in PR.  




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