Amazon Selling Live Christmas Trees This Year!

We know I love me some AMAZON and my husband makes fun if me allll the time because I order everything on there. It seems like I never even have time to get to the store for toilet paper. However I think some traditions shouldn’t be replaced….like the tradition of pulling out 16 trees, smelling the pine on every one, even giving it a big ole hug. Yes Cayden does that.
However if waiting in line and checking out 16 trees isn’t your jam..Amazon has you covered.
Amazon just announced they’re going to be selling live Christmas trees this year.  If you order one, they’ll send you a seven-foot tree that was chopped down less than 10 days ago.
It’ll set you back $115, which is probably more than you’re used to paying for your tree, but it’s definitely more convenient . . . and if you’re a Prime member, the shipping is free.