Common Things Drunk People Do At The Bar

Group of beautiful young people dancing with champagne flutes and looking happy

It’s the weekend, so take notes and don’t be this person at the bar.

Bar etiquette is something not all people have, and most don’t know that the person serving you their drinks also has a career of their own, and 99% of the time it’s not a therapist, although they could easily be called one.

Now I’ve worked in the restaurant business for 10+ years, so I know the drinks that make a bartender instantly regret you ever sitting down, and the behavior that’ll get you cut off or kicked out.

Here are 6 things not to do at the bar.

  1. Spill or break a glass
  2. Fall over because you’re so drunk
  3. Get into a drunken arguments
  4. Puke somewhere in the bar
  5. Get into a physical fight
  6. Pass out in the bar




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