Day 21: Trump To Host Roundtable On Border Security Today

Today is daya 21 of the partial government shutdown and President Trump will host a round-table discussion on border security at the White House today.
Attendees will include selected state and local officials.
At a similar event in Texas yesterday, Trump said there is a “tremendous flood” of illegal immigration, drug trafficking and human trafficking at the U.S.-Mexican border.
He also warned about the influx of criminal gangs.

CNN’s Jim Acosta brilliantly made President Trump’s point on how effective a simple wall can be in stopping illegal immigration and drugs at the border.

Trump is still considering whether to declare a national emergency at the border.
An emergency declaration could allow Trump to divert money from the Defense Department for a massive border wall.
Trump’s demand for border wall funding is at the heart of the ongoing partial shutdown of the federal government.



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