Live Video: Crews battle fire at the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris

800 year old Notre Dame Cathedral is burning to the ground in the city of lights.
At this hour fire fighters have been unable to get water or fire retardants to the main structures of the cathedral, which was
under renovation. Much of the upper portions, including the spire over the altar are fully engulfed in flames.

The 24-hundred foot spire that flew high above the medieval catholic cathedral, known as the Lady of Paris is doomed to collapse.
Even during World War II the stained glass was removed so the Nazi Germans would not destroy it.
It was built in 1160 and took 100 years to complete.

Historians say three relics and untold religious artwork are most probably lost Among the relics, a portion of the crown of thorns that adorned the head of Jesus Christ during his Crucifixion. The relic was placed in the spire to protect the church from a lightning strike.

This is a developing story and will be updated once more information becomes available.