Local Artist Turns Chairs and Heads On The Voice

Local (for now) country artist JessLee participated in the blind auditions of The Voice and got Kelly and Blake to turn around. Even tho she expressed how much she loved Kelly she chose to be Team Blake.
This story is close my heart because this chick is one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met. I had the pleasure of meeting Jesslee about 11 months ago and was blown away by her personality and ability to carry such a great conversation. At the time I had been doing my podcast with a bunch of different local artists and each of them lasting around 15 minutes. When I sat down with JessLee the first time we talked for about 40 minutes! I knew right away she was something special, and I told her so. Since then she and I have been great friends and have kept up with each other’s career closely.

To say that I’m proud of her is an extreme understatement. Tuesday night watching her on The Voice gave me this strange sense of accomplishment, that may sound strange but let me explain. I’ve been performing basically my entire life and Jess and I spoke about the turmoil of trying to make something of yourself in the music industry in almost every conversation. She had this insane amount optimism that I didn’t have when I was younger, but I tell you it rubbed off on me. Every time I felt a little sunk in my career I reached out to her to see what she was doing and Jess was always on some new endeavor. Her drive gave me hope that I could be able to make something of myself if I really bust my ass and stay positive.  So when I saw her audition, turn heads, and turn chairs I knew that optimism and hard work like that can get you where ever you want to go.
So this is what you need to do… Set your DVR’s to The Voice, go get your team blake shirt (i already have mine) and get ready to send all your love to our local voice on the voice JessLee.
This is just the beginning for her and I told her from the get-go, the ceiling doesn’t exist.
Check out the two times we sat down to talk and stay tuned for the next time we talk…..