Love To Be Scared?! Check Out The List of 20 Scariest Movies Of The Past 20 Years!

I’m not! I am a scaredy cat!! The only way I will watch a scary movie is in the daylight at home so I can pause whenever necessary.  So on this list I have seen…..3 of them.  I just can’t do horror!!!  I am more of a comedy movie lover!  But thanks to “Variety” , they have put out a list of ‘The 20 Best Horror Movies of the Last 20 Years.’  (That dates back to 1998.)  How many have you seen?? I’ve attached all the trailers for your bone chilling pleasure! YIKES!

Also, get a synopsis of each movie here!

1.  “Get Out”, 2017

2.  Audition”, 1999

3.  “The Blair Witch Project”, 1999

4.  “The Sixth Sense”, 1999

5.  “What Lies Beneath”, 2000

6.  “Hostel: Part II”, 2007

7.  “World War Z”, 2013

8.  “Hereditary”, 2018

9.  “Shaun of the Dead”, 2004

10.  “Insidious”, 2010

11.  “Ringu”, 1998

12.  “Planet Terror”, 2007

13.  “A Quiet Place”, 2018

14.  “Let Me In”, 2010

15.  “The Descent”, 2005

16.  “Paranormal Activity 3”, 2011

17.  “The Human Centipede 2 (Full Sequence)”, 2011

18.  “The Witch”, 2015

19.  “Drag Me to Hell”, 2009

20.  “The Babadook”, 2014



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