Police Officer Shopped instead of Reporting to School

A Riviera Beach Police officer who is currently being investigated for a number of incidents, was found to have continued shopping at a local mall instead of responding to an incident at a school.

Records released by Internal Affairs found that in March 2017 officer Ashley Puckett took a lunch break without first speaking with her supervisor and went shopping out of the district at the Gardens mall. During Puckett’s trip to the mall, she was called to respond to a child abuse claim at a school. According to the report, Puckett told her supervisor that she was on her way to the school, however, she did not respond until 40 minutes later. Surveillance from the mall showed Puckett continued shopping before responding to the school.

Another report found that Puckett was caught sleeping in her marked patrol car while on duty in June of 2017. Puckett has at least 10 violations between her including attendance, professionalism, neglect of duty and failure to respond to call for backup.

Despite her record, she is still employed at the police force.

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