South Florida’s Fair Riddle House | Paranormal Investigation

103.1 WIRK & H.O.P.E Paranormal, investigated the Riddle House again at the South Florida Fair.

Watch their full video below. 

According to legend, the house is haunted by the spirit of Joseph, one of Riddle’s employees, who committed suicide by hanging in the attic to escape his financial troubles.

Special Thanks to H.O.P.E. Paranormal for your help with the paranormal investigation.

South Florida Fair will be housing ghost tours Friday & Saturday nights during the fair.


H.O.P.E. Paranormal

A Hookah bar owner who was once skeptic, set out to find the truth along with his girlfriend and best friend. What they found was not only do spirits exist, but that many are in need of help. Once this discovery was made, the group HOPE (Helpers Of Paranormal Entities) was formed. Furthering their research with the latest Inter-Trans Communication gear available, they discovered they all had some type of ability to communicate with spirits themselves. While using proven paranormal equipment and combining it with their intuitive abilities they are not only able to help the spirits they communicate with, they are able to prove it as well.

Investigator/Lead Intuitive       Lead Investigator/Intuitive         Investigator/TechSpecialist

Nikki Boswell-26                       Josh Louis-36                      Chris Alonso-38



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