The News You Need To Know In A Minute 11/8/18

At least 11 people are reported have been shot, some of them killed, after a gunman opened fire at a bar in Thousand Oaks, Californiat at the Borderline Bar and Grill. At least one officer is among those injured. The shooter is dead.

The margin in some of Florida’s key races such as for Senator and Governor continues to get smaller. We may see a recount in both.

Jeff Sessions is possibly looking to return to the job he left to join the Trump administration after resigning under pressure yesterday. And Florida’s outgoing Attorney General Pam Bondi is one of the top picks to replace Sessions as Trump’s new AG.

A Miami-Dade County man is credited with catching a record-setting snake. Homestead’s Kyle Penniston this week caught a Burmese python that measured 17-and-a-half feet and weighed 120 pounds. It was caught in the South Florida Water Management District as part of the Python Elimination Program. The district says it’s the largest python ever caught in the program’s history.