WIRK Artist of the Week – Brooke Eden

We love it when one of our own local acts starts to become successful on a national level.  Brooke was one of the first local acts I saw when I moved to town 8 years ago.  Immediately I saw something special in her as an artist and a person.  We started using her for a lot of WIRK shows opening for a lot of national acts.  This girl is a sponge when it comes to the music business.  She does nothing but watch and learn all the time.  Then there’s her talent…All I can say is THAT VOICE is amazing!  How that sound comes out of the tee tiny body blows my mind.  To watch her go from where she was (playing local gigs) to getting signed to Red Bow Records in Nashville is awesome!  Congrats Brooke on your success!!  Keep it going!!  –  Sammy

“Act Like You Don’t” is her latest single.

This was her first single.  “American Dreamin”

Amazing job on this Etta James cover!!

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