WIRK Artist of the Week – Jake Owen

I’ve had the privilage of knowing Jake Owen for a long time now and have watched this guy go from having doors shut in his face at radio to play his music, to playing arenas and stadiums with Kenny Chesney, to headlining his own tour.  Can’t be more proud of this guy who worked so hard to get to where he is.  I got a chance to go to Vero Beach a few years ago to see his fundraiser event.  He picked me up and drove me around Vero and he showed me some cool places.  We stopped at a cool bagel place and then went to play golf.  We only got in about 4 holes before we had to stop because of the rain.  It flooded on us.  Jake has some serious golf skills for sure!  We went to lunch and ran into a couple of his fans.  They didn’t have tickets to the event, but they drove over from across the state anyway just hoping to catch a glimpse of Jake as they told the story.  They were laughing about the thought of how cool it would be if Jake walked in right now and…well…he did.  Think about the chances of that happening.  Needless to say, he took pics and signed stuff and gave them tickets to the event.  The girls were crying, Jake teared up and heck…I did too.

Fast forward a few years and we hired this girl at WIRK (Chelsea Taylor).  Yup, she grew  up in Vero and knew Jake too.  They were boyfriend and girlfriend back in elementary school which means they basically held hands and walked around the school.  Small world right?  Jake has come a long way and still has more to go.  He just had a baseball field named after him in Vero.  Pretty cool stuff Jake!!

Jake’s latest single “Good Company”

This turned out to be a HUGE song for Jake.  We all knew he was awesome, but this song sprung him on the national level.

This is one of my favorite songs he does.  Perfect for us in  South Florida

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